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Apply for a Home

Helping people become homeowners is at the center of Habitat for Humanity’s mission.  Our application process is designed to support our mission and our potential homeowners.  In general, here is

How does the process works:

  • Habitat for Humanity Buffalo receives a completed application (see below)
  • Members of our Family Selection Committee set up an interview with the applicant(s).
  • The interview
    • The Habitat program is discussed in detail
    • Questions about the application will be asked
    • Don’t forget to bring your questions
  • Family Selection Committee votes on whether or not to accept the application
  • Once accepted, the family will start putting in its sweat equity hours.

Learn the details of Becoming a Homeowner Here.

How to get an application?

To request an application form, call:

716-204- 0740

Or send a self-addressed envelope to the Family Selection Committee:

Habitat for Humanity Buffalo
1675 South Park Ave
Buffalo, NY 14220 

A completed application includes:

  • a completed form
  • a recent credit report
    • If needed, Habitat can help you get the credit report for $20.00 (individual)/$24.50 (couple) (money order only)
  • copies of two recent pay stubs
  • copy of the applicant’s most recent federal tax forms
  • copy of W-2

Please do not send originals of important documents.