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Charitable Trusts

Trusts can be used as powerful estate planning tools. If your goals include leaving a philanthropic legacy, charitable trusts can provide a “win-win” situation for you, your family and your chosen charitable beneficiary.

Giving to HFH/Buffalo While Still Leaving Funds For Your Family

A charitable lead trust:

  • is set up for a specified time (or can be a lifetime)
  • the assets are returned to the donor or designated beneficiaries when the specified time ends
  • allows the donor to determine when family members will receive an inheritance

In many cases, taxes and probate expenses may be reduced or eliminated.

To start a charitable lead trust, contact your attorney or tax advisor.

Donating Money You Don’t Need in Retirement to HFH/Buffalo

A charitable remainder trust:

  • ensures that your personal goals are met using the funds and income of the trust
  • remaining funds would be distributed to charity
  • can be combined with other trusts to also provide a benefit (with or without restrictions) to your children or grandchildren

This options makes sure prospective donors will be provided for before making a charitable commitment.

CharitableRemainderTrust.com and SaveWealth.com are third party sites with additional information on charitable trusts.

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