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Non-Construction Volunteers

There is more to building houses at Habitat for Humanity.

We need you. Every little bit helps. If you are willing, we will put you to good use.

For more information, please contact:

Volunteer Coordinator
(716) 204-0740 Ext. 106

Or stop by and say hi at:

1675 South Park Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14220


The amount of time you commit is up to you; like any type of work the more you put in the more you get out.


  • Great resume builder with a well-known organization
  • Develop skills that employers are looking for (team work, marketing, web skills, etc…)
  • Meeting people from diverse social, educational and cultural backgrounds provides for great discussion, learning and understanding
  • Improving yourself while improving your community
  • There are very few places that will allow you to learn to do great things for free

Our current group of volunteers is hardworking and open to engaging you in doing something good for our community



Below is a list of some of our standing committees and some of what they do. If you don’t see something listed and you are interested in doing it let us know.

Family Selection

  • Reviews applications
  • Familiarize prospective families with Habitat
  • Interview families who meet the application criteria
  • Recommend families for the home sites to the board
  • Usually meets the third Monday evening of the month

Family Support/Liaison

  • Oversee the families sweat equity participation
  • Review move-in requirements and re-titling utilities
  • Liaison with the families as they learn their homeowner roles
  • Usually meets the third Monday evening of the month


  • Generates capital for house construction or rehabilitation by seeking donations from individuals, churches, businesses, and foundations
  • Manage all other fundraising endeavors as may be appropriate
  • Work with partnership churches and help identify ways they can support the housing ministry of Habitat
  • Usually meets the second Monday evening of the month


  • Plans, communicates, and follows up the Habitat story to the various media
  • Coordinates speaking engagements and updates all materials for various presentations
  • Usually meets the second Monday evening of the month with the Development Committee

Site Selection

  • Investigates and recommends to the board all prospective houses or sites

Volunteer Coordinating

  • Assist the volunteer coordinator in following up with individuals and groups
  • Making presentations
  • Recruit individuals interested in volunteering
    • Outreach calls to corporations, churches and civic organizations