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Local Volunteer Groups

For more information, please contact:

Volunteer Coordinator
716-204-0740, Ext. 106

Regular Groups

  • A great way to develop construction skills
  • Greater understanding of Habitat’s mission and the potential of making a greater impact on the community
  • Usually does semi-skilled construction work such as framing walls, replacing floors and installing siding or drywall
  • Example: a local church group may sign up to work on site every second Saturday of a month


Infrequent Groups

  • Less long term interaction with our organization but still impactful
  • Usually does larger labor intensive jobs such as tearing out walls, removing chimneys, painting and installing siding or drywall
  • Example: a college group that comes a single Saturday to complete a community service requirement

You can request a specific task but it is best to keep an open mind as the type of work is dependent on the construction site, the weather and the number of other volunteers on site.

Often times our construction sites have been scheduled to capacity in advance. If that is the case, our ReStores may have an opportunity for you.