Now more than ever...

we are reminded of the special meaning that home has in our hearts. As the outside world becomes more uncertain by the day, we are encouraging our neighbors to pitch in where they can. Together, our community will come out stronger on the other side. 

Be Safe

Today, every person's actions impact the health of every other person. Be sure to follow government recommendations, such as washing your hands often, and practice social distancing. 

Check In

Check in on neighbors, friends, and family, especially those at a higher risk. Call, set up virtual visits, or leave a note. 

Shop Local

Support a local business. Order takeout from one of your favorite restaurants, purchase gift cards, and shop local stores online when possible. 

Lend a Hand

Help where you can! Clean up your neighborhood, donate new gloves and face masks  to hospitals, and thank front-line workers. 

Shelter In Place...

is the message of the moment. As we find ourselves trying to adapt to the measures required to stay healthy, we are encouraged to stay home, to shelter in place. It’s the right thing to do, and if we are able to flatten the curve, we know that we will have saved countless lives.

But all of us at Habitat for Humanity also know that there are too many families for whom this isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. The fear and uncertainty that so many of us feel today, these families have felt for a lifetime. They are going to need a hand up now more than ever. And now more than ever, our work — much like flattening the curve — will require all of us, together. You can help us help these families, these communities, our neighbors build back. Stronger, in solidarity and with your support.