a project with the goal of saving as much reusable material
as possible by "unbuilding" items

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a project with the goal of saving as much reusable material as possible by "unbuilding" items

email us to schedule

Our Deconstruction Program enables Habitat Buffalo to serve more families by connecting communities, giving new life to repurposed items, and diverting tons of waste from landfills. 

Save on Your Remodel

Traditional Demo Costs

  • $2500 to $3500 demolition costs
  • $600 dumpster disposal fee
  • Items are destroyed and disposed of in landfills 
  • No tax benefit
  • No community benefit

Deconstruction with Habitat Buffalo

  • $0 demolition costs
  • $0 dumpster disposal fee
  • Items are carefully remove and reused
  • Tax-deductible receipt
  • Donations are used to build our community.

How it Works

Before a Deconstruction, a member of Habitat Buffalo’s team will perform a free, no-hassle assessment of your project. You will be provided a scope of work and a list of accepted items. Our team will help you select a day and time for your deconstruction project.

On the day of Deconstruction, our fully insured, specialized staff and trained volunteers carefully remove reusable items from your home or business. Projects are often completed in half-a-day and our crew will leave your space broom clean. 

After a Deconstruction, items are repurposed to help local families. When possible, items are used in the construction of Habitat Buffalo homes. Those that cannot be used for homebuilding are sold in our ReStore. Proceeds from the sales are used to help fund homebuilding.

What We Take

Kitchen Appliances: stoves, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, hood vents, and microwaves; appliances must be less than ten years old

Kitchen Cabinets: must be in good condition; we do not accept composite board or water- or mold-damaged cabinets

Bathroom Items: toilets less than five years old, sinks, vanities, and bathroom accessories

Hot Water Tanks: drained and less than five years old

Light Fixtures: excludes recessed lights

Pre-hung Doors: exterior and solid core interior doors are accepted; we do not accept French doors, sliding doors, or bi-fold doors

Other Household Accessories: mirrors, shelving, wall décor, door knobs, and fireplace mantels  

Benefits for You

Benefits for Homeowners: Our free Deconstruction Program will help you save on your home renovation and will give your items a second life with a local family. 

Benefits for Contractors: Our specialized team will work ahead of your employees, and leave a clean, prepped space for construction.  We will help you save time, labor costs, and disposal fees.

Benefits for Corporate Partners: Demonstrate your philanthropy and take advantage of our partnership benefits by donating materials or allowing Habitat Buffalo to participate in your next remodel. 

Everyone Benefits: All donations make through our Deconstruction Program are tax-deductible. Your donation will help divert tons of material from landfills and will will help a neighbor in need. By reusing or reselling your items, your donation will help offset the cost of homebuilding in Buffalo. 

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