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We create homeownership opportunities for low-income families in the City of Buffalo by subsidizing the cost of homes through donations and volunteer labor. Families who purchase homes through our program are required to first contribute at least 400 hours of “sweat equity”, working alongside community volunteers to construct their homes and the houses of other families in our program. Once approved, families purchase their homes from Habitat Buffalo by paying a low-interest, affordable monthly mortgage.

Program Requirements

Demonstration of need.

If your current housing situation includes one or more of the following examples you may be eligible for a Habitat for Humanity Home:

If you have broken plumbing, faulty or unsafe electrical service, poor heating, deteriorating structure, or any other health and safety issue.

Cost Burdened
If your rental payments are 35% or more of your total income.

If an adult and child, more than two children, or two children of the opposite sex share a bedroom.

Willingness to partner.

Willingness to partner is your family’s commitment to the Habitat for Humanity Homebuyer Program. Here are some examples:

• You must complete a minimum of 200 hours of sweat equity
• You must provide proof of income & savings quarterly
• You must save at least $75 each month in a bank account that you manage
• You are required to apply for closing cost assistance grants
• You must attend required homeownership classes which count towards your sweat-equity hours

Other measures of willingness to partner will be explained during the application proces

Ability to pay.

Required Income
You must have a steady source of income that is between the minimum and maximum income for your family size.

You must maintain good credit with a minimum score of 600. We will check your credit history by running credit reports. Credit reports will be conducted regularly until you purchase your house. You have the right to request a copy of your credit report.

Family Size Minimum Income Maximum Income

*Note: Numbers are based on the HUD Income Guidelines for Erie County and change yearly. Minimum Income is based on the higher of $26,000 or 40% area median income. Maximum based on 70% area median income.


Reach out! Please contact our Family Services department for assistance.