Need a Home Repair?

Our Repair Program helps low- and moderate-income homeowners keep their homes safe and livable. Habitat Buffalo completes needed repairs and helps homeowners access an affordable loan to pay for the costs. We currently have specific guidelines for the types of projects we can do. Click below to see if you qualify.

Program Requirements

Demonstration of need.
The repair must be needed to keep the home safe and livable. Eligible applicants are those unable to pay for the repair without Habitat’s help.

Willingness to partner.
Families in our program partner with Habitat Buffalo by completing “sweat equity,” helping to complete the repair on their own home or building the homes of others in our homeownership program. 

Ability to repay an affordable loan. 
Once the work is complete, families repay an affordable loan for the cost of the work. These payments are used to fund the construction of more homes for future families. 


Reach out! Please contact our Home Repair manager at or 716.204.0740 ext. 110.