We share a vision of a united humanity...

Here at Habitat Buffalo, along with Habitat for Humanity affiliates across the nation, we share in the sadness, anger and uncertainty that have rocked communities across the United States since the killing of George Floyd.  We recognize that we must face the truth of our own bias and prejudice, break down systems of injustice and systemic racism, and actively champion inclusion and diversity, because black lives matter to us.

Habitat for Humanity originated as a housing ministry that brought together families specifically to increase access and integrate homeownership in rural Georgia. Since then, affiliates all over the world have formed, including Habitat Buffalo over 30 years ago, to provide a way for people of all races and backgrounds to become homeowners and to help build those homes. Now more than ever we are rededicating ourselves to Habitat for Humanity’s vision of a united humanity, where everyone, regardless of his or her race or faith, has a decent place to call home.

As leaders in affordable housing and community development, we have seen the impact of redlining, discriminatory lending, and decades of housing discrimination. These practices have had a ripple effect on the lives of marginalized populations, who frequently cannot attain the wealth creation of homeownership, and are forced to live in communities with limited opportunities for education, jobs, and healthy lives. This is especially true here in Buffalo, one of the most segregated cities in the country.

Everyone deserves to live in an equitable society. We will build this together.

We are committed to listening to our neighbors, learning about their experiences, and advocating on their behalf. We will seek diverse voices at every level of our organization. Through our programs, we will help more marginalized families build wealth, stability, and opportunity. Through strategic site selection, we will build mix race neighborhoods to break down generations of segregation that continue to create deep disparities in our community. Wherever we work, we will seek inclusivity and to offer a place where people holding disparate views can come together in a common cause.

We share a vision of a united humanity, where everyone, regardless of his or her race or faith, has a decent place to call home. Habitat for Humanity Buffalo is determined to live up to our mission of bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.